I love to teach, build and sell.

I love to teach. I have developed educational software products for K12 schools, colleges and companies. I also provide corporate training in large enterprises. I have been working on building companies for the last 14 years. I have 15+ fantastic successful and failed startup stories to tell. I also have created another 40+ successful and failed startups and social initiatives with not so amazing stories to tell and which I have not listed here. But who cares?

I have had my share of experience in job, business and life. I have worked at great companies, led teams and projects, bootstrapped from 0 to $10M+ revenue, sold companies, had cofounder running away with money (just before when investors were investing 🙂), had not so good cofounder(s), negotiated to complete tasks or projects which were not meant to be or possible to be, negotiated to acquire customers and companies, negotiated to sell to enterprises and consumers, had a great team, had not great team, raised by great parents, had confronted other abusive parents who have abused their daughters for entire life, met families who lost wealth because of alcohol, met families who grew wealth selling homemade tobacco, saw how corruption works, designed processes to improve value based productivity and output, had paid college fees for 10+ US students (yet didn’t get any tax advantages 🙂), been active in community uplifting, had trained 500+ students for the jobs, had stayed and ate in every state of India. But who cares?

I have spent 1 year in 1 state in the US since I came to US in 2016 to experience culture, life, work and food - from colder water and playful waves at Miami beach to warmer water and powerful waves at Huntington beach, from mushy winters in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to cold weather in San Francisco, from windy Chicago to cowboys Dallas and from the most politically active state of DC to the state of Massachusetts that has the highest rank of public schools. Most of the time of my life has been spent in the state of Gujarat, west part of India. I have been to every state in India to experience the joy of food, life, work and culture. But who cares?

I started my first US company in 2016 in the basement at a pharmacy store in New Jersey while living in the nearby motel during the cold winter of 2016-2017. I only took $1500 per month for me and my wife, working full time, shipping 100s and 1000s of packages everyday. We survived and learnt a lot. From then on, it was a battle every day, reaching $150,000 per month within 2 months to $1.5M per month revenue in the 2nd year.

I have been to the lowest point in life to the top in life with power, money and everything. I have found that you can never be happy by staying in the middle of two sides. You always have to choose one or the other, not to be happy but to learn values and to progress in life. Learning is the only mindset that will stay with you forever, everything else stays behind. Not success, not failure, not happiness, not sadness, not luck, not misfortune. Make Learning your Strength and you will always have a smile. Care about this!

I have been coding and meeting new people every month for the last 4 years (even in COVID). I have been designing, building and selling myself and my products everyday. I have been learning everyday from the people I am surrounded with and I am very grateful for that. Although I have always been a bright student and was under pressure to perform well, I always prefer the right way to do the things and the right things to be done.

In conclusion, I have had a rich and varied life experience. I have learned from my successes and failures, and I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given. I am always looking for new ways to learn and grow. I believe that the future is bright, and that we have the potential to create a better world for ourselves and for generations to come. I am committed to doing my part to make this happen, and I hope that others will join me in this endeavor. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope it has inspired you to pursue your own dreams and goals.