I have remarkable stories to tell you for each phase of my life and work.



Tinosur provides 1000+ templates to create TikTok style training, courses and quizzes instantly in 60+ languages to achieve 10X better completion rates.

The first customers are the clients from



AI solutions for K12Schools and families to help students improve critical thinking and soft skills.

The first customers are my old friends from high school and college.


Shadowing AI

AI-powered solutions for all students and recent grads improve their interview giving skills.

The first customers were the founders who wanted to hire students from colleges. The platform is used to improve interview skills, prepare resumes and coverletters.



Customized weekly newsletter with analytical report of social media conversations for any neighborhood in 5 countries.

The first customers were the real estate agents who helped me find the investment in land in Virginia.



Analytical reports of online conversations for franchises, politicians, local businesses and enterprises to help them find new customers and find the next best location to start business.

The first customers were the political staffs and politicians I met in various events in the US.



Sold OTC - Over The Counter - pharmacy products on Amazon, eBay and Website which were expensive in store.

Learnt about the Amazon business from a friend in Florida who supposed to start a company with me. He declined. I started my own.


Fellowship turned in as an Advisor

Worked on 7 projects which includes a centralized system to record rainwater collection level acroos 14,000+ gram panchayats, internet facilities for 400+ gram panchayats and more in the state of Gujarat.

An opportunity came to work with bureaucracy and politicians via fellowship. Took it, led 400+ team to complete tasks and published 6 research papers for the development of people in Gujarat. Every state eventually accepted the research and worked on it.



Gift suggestions for your friends and family based on their activities on Facebook.

The first users were my friends and fans on Facebook. I sent them first gifts and they took it foward.


Facebook Apps for Festivals in India

Easily share your festival greetings with all your friends and family on Facebook by posting them on their walls with just one click.

My Facebook friends were my first users. I wished them. They did the same and it continued.



Real-time performance, competitor and sentiment analytical reports of news and writers based on their popularity on Twitter.

The frist users were journalists, lobbyists, political staffs and media staffs that I have met in various events.



Real-time analysis of financial markets in 5 countries from conversations on YouTube, Twitter & Reddit.

The first users were the friends who were investing using Robinhood and the boutique firm to help them analyze the conversations.


Accelerator Programs

Took part in multiple accelerator programs to learn and relearn to start the company in the right way for the right reasons.

The purpose to join accelerator programs was to expand my network and learn more about financial & legal terms.


Conversational AI platform to help enterprise sales teams automate sales learning processes in 60+ languages.

The first users were the founders in Dallas who helped me to validate and built the product.


AI practice platform to assist women for leadership roles.

Dallas, TX


Provide critical thinking skills training to your customer service team.

Dallas, TX


Visa Interviews AI

Conversational AI solutions to prepare you for immigrantion visa interviews skills for 7 countries in 60+ languages.

Dallas, TX



Profiles and campaign tools for politicians and voters to communicate

First customers were the political staffs in India.



Social media analytics for any keyword, topic, hashtag and profile.

First customers were the political staffs and local businesses in India.


Authentidate Holding Group

Provided a secure workflow management solutions with accredit time stamps, document integrity, electronic signature and secure electronic transactions.

New Jersey



Worked with Citigroup Risk Management Department to create reports for $B financial data using Actuate API.

New Jersey


American Express / TATA Consultancy Services

Created products and reports for AMEX financial advisors to help them gain more US and EU clients.

Bengaluru / Minneapolis