My life as an entrepreneur and My life as a dad
Growing Kid vs Growing Startup

As I continue to put my efforts in working and mentoring to grow my 3 years young kid and 2 years young startup, Remasto, I see many similarities and opportunities in this journey:


1. You can only expect to grow step by step - 1,2,3 and so on. If you skip foundational steps, it will lead to bigger missteps later.

2. The onboarding process for the kid and startup is almost the same. If it’s not explained well, the results might not be the same as you expect.

3. The real learning happens only when both are released outside in the market. It is based on the feedback the parents receive.

4. You have to be adamantly responsive as the kid wants to play with you right now at 2 AM and the startup wants you to fix the bug right now at 4 AM.

5. Focus is required. You always want to go for the next one as getting an idea or executing the same process of the next ones is very easy compared to taking care of the kid or the company you have right now in your hand.

6. Both are growing fast and you are too busy focusing on one or the other every single moment.

You will love it when both are growing. It passes faster than ever. You will remember that time forever.