Teach Your Children Negotiation Skills
Negotiation with parents and teachers is typical after the age of 12, but children lack confidence or shy away from negotiating while often resorting to angry or frustrated language.

A course that teaches negotiation skills is not enough on its own. Practices associated with the course that help your Children find the gaps and opportunities to improve their logical thinking are the need of the hour.

Reading, listening, or watching videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo or any other platform is not enough to develop any skill for your Children. Practicing how to speak, what to reply, and critical thinking in real-time makes them more prudent.

I’d also argue that practices might not be enough for many Children and we have seen that in our private beta users. But practices with the right set of feedback will make them think and apply the learnings from the report in real-life. With that start, they are able to begin optimizing their practices.

The concept of negotiation itself is based on logical thinking. So, the first step to teaching them this life skill would be to teach logical thinking and keeping calm to think logically.

We have added 15+ real-life situations and scenarios that parents and children face almost every day.

Develop negotiation skills for your Children

We have included all experiences in the course that will help you help your children realize the responses and conversations.

Every situation is analyzed in the following format throughout the course:

1. We lay out the scenario.

2. Then we give an unsuccessful answer that might sound like their current attempt.

3. We then explain, briefly, why it won’t work.

4. Then we give a better answer.

5. Lastly, we explain how the second answer addressed the previous concerns we mentioned.

Every situation is provided with practices that have been trained to help your Child shape their responses. Unlike humans, the Bot will never be bored or stressed out in teaching your child to be better critical thinkers until they are. Remarkable negotiation skills also help in avoiding future conflicts and problems.

These exceptional negotiation skills can contribute to your children’s future success. Good negotiation skills can help build better relationships because the aim is to foster goodwill and collaboration despite differences in interests. These skills enable quality solutions that last longer, instead of short-term solutions that fail to satisfy the situation completely.

Teaching negotiation skills to kids is important yet tricky at the same time for parents and teachers. Having better negotiation skills gives everyone constructive benefits, most of the time.

This course is prepared by Laura Miller, MA, Minal Patel, and Jwalant Patel. Every topic includes practices and the format that we have discussed above. The course will be active on December 2nd. But you can now pre-book it for $43. It’s a one-time buy. This is the perfect Christmas gift for your Children.

Every practice is secure and cannot be seen by anyone other than parents and children. Read more here about Our Policy Towards Children and COPPA. You can delete practice videos anytime you want and the videos will be removed from our servers.

We all have faced these situations as a Child and now as a Parent. We have created this solution that we wanted for our children and directly provide to everyone to get the most benefits from this.

Our kids will not learn the art of negotiation overnight. Only through practice shall a child learn this skill. However, once children learn these, they will be better prepared to manage their anxiety amidst adversities. With their strong-rooted negotiation skills, your children can pave their way out of any problematic situation with the best result. In difficult situations, even in regular social interactions, negotiation skills help a child in many ways.