Team Performance Reviews in Fortune 500 Companies
We will be discussing performance reviews in Fortune 500 companies. The process will include the details of questions, practices, discussions, parameters, categories, keywords, criteria and AI-powered feedback about performance reviews and meetings in the companies. We have included performance reviews for 5 companies in the course this week and many more will come in this month. Here’s the list:


Deloitte’s previous performance management process was discontinued. In which at the start of the year, objectives were set for the organization’s thousands of employees, employee performance on projects was evaluated by a manager. The new process is based on structured reviews. We have included the process, questions, practices and AI-powered feedback with all the practices in this course.

JP Morgan Chase:

The bank has 240,000 employees and is approaching a web based platform for the feedback rather than traditional ratings system. Learn more about the questions, discussion points, meetings, reviews and feedback given to employees anytime in the year in this course.

Team and employee performance reviews in Fortune 500 companies


Walmart’s performance planning is based on three main dimensions that relate to the needs of its retail business. One of the parameters is related to customer service across departments. We have included the practices with AI feedback, questions and processes in the course.


Amazon has a unique approach when it comes to performance review. The expectation is very high and there is always a feeling of competition every time. This drives high performance across teams and individuals. Although the performance review only happens once a year at Amazon, the feedback reflects your entire year’s journey. Click here to find about the practices, keywords for each answer and more.


Infosys switched from a forced ranking system to an “open ranking” system. It has implemented a new performance appraisal system. Feedback is given throughout the year. There are few ratings given when it’s time about the promotion, appraisal, bonus and salary discussion. Learn everything, positive and negative, about Infosys review system here.

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