CEO Community

I am a human first creating and managing AI products. I have been working on startups for the last 14 years. I have 15+ amazing successful and failed startup stories to tell. I also have created another 40+ successful and failed startups with not that amazing stories to tell which I have not listed here.

I have been lucky to lead 10+ companies in the last 14+ years - sometimes 3 at a time. Running these companies have taught me and put me in shape to think and concur known, unknown and hidden obstacles in the journey of (co)creating and co(leading) a successful business and life. My friends, founders and CEOs pushed each other, helped one another and learned together.

I’ve been lucky to have access to some of the best CXOs in the world. These people made success seem more attainable, helped me to access new opportunities and motivated me to keep moving forward.

I have created successful products in many industries in the last decade. I always wanted to start a community that can help others to have opportunities and approach like I had and grow together.


CEO Club: It’s a membership community for current and wannabe future CEOs.

Why $2990? Why not free? - Because this will only invite serious candidates who want to be a part of this highly engaged CEOs community.

What will you get?

  • You will discuss and solve the challenges currently faced by companies and CEOs in different industries - this can be challenges in the finances, economy, business, company, tech, domain, resources, tools, strategy, quick fix, long term solution, relationship, health or hiring.
  • You can discuss the challenges that you have in your business and everyone in the community will jump in and will provide the solutions for issues you have.
  • You will get to network with other CEOs.
  • Discuss 2 hours a month with Jwalant ($2000 value).
  • Two 1 hour calls every week with other community members (In group of 5 to 7 members).
  • Anyone can join this community who is a CEO or want to be a CEO or want to learn how CEO works in a company.

What this is not?

  • This is not a dating site with CEOs.
  • This is not a startup pitching platform to the CEOs.
  • This is not a job search platform. Although, you can find ways to work with CEOs globally.